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Friday, February 12, 2010

Skepticism 101

Throughout this semester I will be posting journal entries examining the claims made by one of my instructors. Make no mistake, this is a coping mechanism! There have been more outlandish claims made in this class than I could ever hope to debunk, but I will try to address a few of them. My hope is that I will be able to entertain and inform both myself and others. (and keep my mouth shut until grades are posted)

This particular instructor holds a PhD in Philosophy, and has been an instructor for many years. She is also a practitioner of alternative medicine, considers herself a "catholic", and believes that chiropractors reading auras can cure terminal cancer. Beyond her metaphysical claims, she also has made patently false comments about the human nervous system (in print, in her 'textbook'), and seems equally unable to apply the principles of English grammar and Occam's Razor.

In other words, this should be interesting.

Stay tuned for more. This particular feature will be published on alternate days from my regular blog postings.

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